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Ever wished you could code? Now you can practice, in baby steps, in your spare time or during bouts of procrastination. Codeacademy is a free, interactive, web-based tool that leads you from “Hello World” to building websites, games, and apps.

Why code? Responding to Douglass Ruskoff’s Program or Be Programmed talk at SXSW, Daniel Chamberlain, Director of the CDLR writes:

I think this consumer vs. producer distinction is helpful in most circumstances, most notably in our overall push toward advocating media fluencies. As we begin to engage ourselves and our constituents with more complex technologies, this is an argument for building up our own abilities to code. At the same time, we should resist the easy binary and recognize that even producers spend much of their time consuming, and that the smartest producers rarely start from scratch. [Read original post at the CDLR blog]